Alabama-Georgia Bigfoot Research Group

About Us

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Our Mission

We seek to gather positive proof that the creature, bigfoot, exists.

The Reason

I am searching for bigfoot because after having two encounters I had no proof of what I saw. I started searching for my own peace of mind. I have proven(to myself) what I saw and have no doubts. Now I want to prove it to the world. I have assembled a small team to help in the search for proof positive.

 We have recieved several letters in the past few months asking us why we do not have any pictures of bigfoot on our site....The reason is, we as a group have not taken any quality pictures ourself.We have taken a few pictures,however none are of the quality that we require to put on this website or any other site. We will gladly post a picture we take, but it must be a picture that everyone can look at and say "thats a bigfoot no exceptions" As researchers we are putting our credability on the line,we will not post pictures of tree stumps that look like a bigfoot if you squint your eyes and look at it from a angle, The internet is full of pictures of fuzzy blobs and draw-your-own-conclusion pictures without us adding some of our own.

If you would like to hear the interview done by me on BLOGTALKRADIO here is the link 

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