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Reported Sightings

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These are just a few of the reports we have been given

please send us your report if you have seen a bigfoot
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road names, numbers and the names of places are kept in confidance and will not be included in the reports we post.

At 12 35am I was driving down county roadXX as I approched a bridge over the Lake I saw eyes reflect off my headlights,thinking it was a deer I slowed down incase it decided to run in front of me.As I got closer I thought it was a man but it was too big to be a man . It stood there on the side of the road and watched me pass. It had dark hair covering it's body and stood approx, 7 1/2 to 8 feet tall , the arms were longer than that of a man and it looked like it had no neck. As I got past the bridge I stopped and looked back and watched it cross the road and go into the woods on the other side

About 12 years ago a grilfriend and me were parked along a creek one night about 1:00am.We had just got off work and were relaxing before heading for home. It was a dark night you could not see anything outside the truck except total darkness.We started hearing footsteps behind the truck like someone was coming up to the truck then they started to go in a wide circle around to the front of the truck all the time staying in the woods. I told my grilfriend it must be deer or maybe a small bear,it was not trying to be quite.As we heard it in front of the truck I turned on my off-road lights and standing in front of us about 75 feet away was a bigfoot.He stood there watching us for about 5 seconds then turned and walked into the woods like we were not even there.He had to been atleast 7 foot tall and hairy all over with dark hair and his eyes reflected red in the lights.We left there after he disappered into the woods

July 2nd 2005:A friend Mark and I were camping outside Lanett Al. On private land with a small pond. gathering firewood we found some large four toed footprints, we joked it might be a bigfoot but have never heard of one around here. We turned in about 11:00pm in my 20ft camper at about 2:00 am we were woke by something shaking the camper it shook it for about 20 seconds I think and then all was quite. We looked out the windows and saw a bigfoot standing there looking at us. Then it turned and walked away like it didn't have a care in the world. Mark and me ran out of the camper and into the truck and left right then.We had to go back later with some friends to get the rest of our stuff. We showed them the footprints beside where the camper had been parked and one of my friends told me about your website and that I should tell you about this.

On 09/04/05 we recieved this report from a man at approximately 8:45pm:
Over the last few months, I have started hearing strange animal sounds on my farm. These sounds have caused my dog to bark constantly, day and night. One night while i was checking on livestock with a spotlight, I saw red glowing eyes in the field. I have also had some livestock go missing. Over the last few days, my dog has started to smell really terrible.

(What makes this report so special is that the sighting happened in one of our own research areas) A friend and I went upstream of the dam in a small boat ,doing some fishing . We were gone about three hours. Comming back as we rounded the bend before getting to the small rock dam we saw something standing on the other side of the dam in the water. as we got closer we saw it was large hairy and looked almost man-like except it wasn't a man it stood about eight feet tall. My friend hollered at it and it turned around facing us , looking at us for about twenty seconds before it turned and walked away into the woods. We were both speechless and sit in the boat for about thirty minutes to afraid to go ashore thinking it might still be close by. Another group of people came down to the dam and we got out of there fast I have not been back down to the dam since then and will not ever go back that thing was huge.

We recived a phone call  from one of our team member about a possible encounter she and a friend  who was driving down a county dirt road, they stopped at a small creek and walked down to the creek. As they were looking around the area they heard several loud grunts. This encounter happened in a area where we have had several reports.

Back in July of '09 While I was on vacation in northern Georgia, my brother in law and me headed out in the woods to do some gold panning. While he went upstream I went downstream to test a few areas before setting up our equipment. At the second spot that I stopped I got the feeling I was being watched but put it out of my mind, noone was suppost to be in the area and my brother in law was upstream form me but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched. As I was panning I looked up and across the creek on the bank about 20 yards from me stood a bigfoot it just looked at me for a few moments and then turned and walked off into the woods. I watched it till it was out of sight then I grabbed up all my stuff and got out of there.

Back last year during deer season I was bow hunting from a treestand.I got in the stand about a hour before dawn and I had sit there about 3 hours. Thinking that maybe tomorrow would be a better day I desided to give it up for the day, but when I stood up to start down the tree,movement to my left made me freeze. I thought my deer was comming so I readied my bow and waited, within a minute I saw more movement through the bushes and when it stepped out onto the trail I almost fell out of my stand....There not more that 30 yards away on the trail stood what had to be a sasquatch. Large and hairy and walking down the deer trail that ran right under my stand. He never looked up or even acted like I was there he just walked down the trail and passed about 15 feet right under me. For the longest I stood there afraid to come down,when I did get down I hit the ground running. I went back with several friends to get my stand because I wasn't going to hunt there anymore. I haven't felt safe in the woods since that day, I never thought that they were real but I am a true beliver now.

  We recieved this email on Feb. 19,2010 All location information has been withheld by me for the privacy of the gentelman who reported it:
  The first event happened at the very beginning of the 2009 bow season. No one else on our club bow hunts, so I was there alone with my parents. We only had 1 small camper at our club at the time, so they decided to sleep in the truck. My mom later told me that around 2 a.m. something came up and shook their truck. My father was sleeping, so she is the only one that experienced it. She said it shook their truck for about 5 seconds, then stopped as quickly as it started, and walked away. She didn't see anything. A few weeks later, my son and I were bow hunting late one evening. It had already gotten dark, so I was climbing down to go back to the truck. My son was hunting about 200 yards from me. As I was getting ready to climb down, I heard something come running up the draw of woods I was hunting, about 40 yards from me. It was making a ton of noise, breaking limbs and sticks as it ran. It was a lot louder than a deer or even a turkey. About half way through bow season (keep in mind, we are still periodically hearing the screams at night) we started hearing wood knocking at night. A few uneventful weeks passed, and gun season rolled around. About the 3rd week of gun season, one of the other guys on our club came back to camp and said he had heard a strange sound. He said, "the only thing I can say about it is that it sounded just like the noise a gorilla makes on t.v." He said it was a "uh uh uh" sound. I'll admit, we thought he was a little crazy at first, but then other people started hearing it as well. It has been heard on about 8 different occasions, and by 5 different people on our club. On one occasion, my neice (who is 8 years old) was sitting with my dad in the woods. It was just getting dark and they started hearing the noise. My dad told me she turned to him and said, "Pawpaw, what is a monkey doing in the woods down here?" He said, "I don't know, but I think we better go back to camp." I myself have heard the noise on 2 different occasions now. The most recent being just a few weeks ago, around January 30th. That night, I had been coyote hunting. It had already been dark for about an hour when I decided to go back to camp. On my way out, I heard the monkey sound I described. A few minutes after that, I heard the coyotes start going crazy down one of our other roads, between me and camp. I hurried back to camp and went into my parents camper for a minute. I told them about hearing the noise, then I took their little dog out to use the bathroom for them. While we were outside, I heard something moving in the bushes down the road where I had heard the coyotes. I figured it was probablly a coyote, so I put the dog inside and grabbed my 12 gauge shotgun. I started down the road towards the noise. By the time I had gotten down there, the animal had already crossed the road, and was in a narrow strip of woods betwee the road I was hunting on and the road and the road where I heard the coyotes. As I approached it, it stopped making noise. I got about 10 feet from the tree line, and the animal turned and charged me. It was by far the loudest thing I've ever heard in the woods. It was breaking small trees, limbs, sticks, and everything else. It scared me so bad, I didn't even think to raise my gun. I turned and ran towards my parents camper. The animal stopped at the edge of the trees. Once I got away from it, I turned back towards it, raised my gun, and clicked my safety off. I walked back towards it, but it turned away from me and walked off. As it walked off though, it circled around me. It was like it didn't want to turn its back on me. I never saw the animal, but I know for an absolute fact in my mind that it was no deer, coyote, bobcat, or any other animal that is "supposed" to be in those woods. The next day, I walked down to the hollow where I had heard the monkey noises coming from the night before. I found about 10 different trees that had been broken and twisted around about 8 feet off the ground. I also found a ton of deer hair, and a couple of jaw bones where something had killed and eaten a deer. About 30 yards from that, I found a pile of scat that was about 3 times bigger than even that of a human. It was full of deer hair. It was a lot bigger than that of a dog or coyote. And just last week I went down to the property to check on things. I went back in the same hollow, along a big creek bed. In the creek bed I found foot prints. They measured about 12" long by 6" wide. It had rained for about 3 days, just prior to me being down there, so I know the tracks were fresh. And we have trail cameras monitering our roads, and no one had been on our property for at least 3 weeks prior to me finding the tracks. I didn't want to jump to conclusions and say there was a bigfoot on our property, but I have to say, after finding this track...I believe its possible. I just can't explain this track.

March 20,2010: After hearing a noise out side around his barn, the witness went outside to investigate as he neared the barn he was chased back into his house by what he discribed as a bigfoot type creature. This happend near one of our active research areas and we will be investigating the report in the near future.

Aug 20th 2011; While on a outting with several team members and guest we came across a man who hunted the area during deer season for the last few years. He told us of hearing strange screams around camp and of a feeling of unease  late in the afternoon. He also mentioned that he had been followed out of the woods on several occasions making him uneasy.  He also told us of several other members of the hunting club that have said that they saw a bigfoot. We will be back intouch with him and try to learn more from him.