Alabama-Georgia Bigfoot Research Group

Photo Gallery3

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Pictures of previous outings


David getting the G.P.S. coords. for the one of trail cameras.This will make it easier for us to find the camera later in areas we do not know that well.


Broken limbs don't always mean a bigfoot did it, if it could have been done naturally, it probably was.


This is how we found the inside of the tent, one of the campers told us that when they left most things in the tent had been moved around and some things were found around the tent that was suppost to be in it.


Some members of the team and guest pose for a pic. on our outting Aug 21.


Mikie listening for wood knocks using the bionic ear.


Ben in the creek headed to Devils Den going down the creek was the easiest way to get there.


Anthony and David are setting up a trail camera in hopes of being able to get a picture of a bigfoot close to camp.


Misty checking the ground in the jail for any signs that a Bigfoot had been there and looking for the glowstick we threw into the jail after hearing movement inside the night before. The glowstick landed just inside the door. Several members of the team varified the location of the glowstick.


Althought we are a no kill organization some of the team members carry handguns for personal protection. Wild hogs and coyote have become more coommonplace in alot of our reseach areas.