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We are working on a new expedition the date should be the weekend of June 30- July 1. If you are intrested in joining us please contact us for imformation. 

What will this gathering be?

This event is for ALL team members and a few others who are intrested in a survellance type outting.

A photo from the abandoned camp we were told about .The campers left everything.


Will this expedition be open to other researchers who might be interested?

This event will be open for only a few people if you are intrested in this expedition please contact us as soon as possible.

We will be investigating the area because of several reports from the past few years about campers being run out of their campsite by, what appears to be a sasquatch in the area.

We will set up basecamp where a few camper claim to have been run of by a bigfoot type creature several years ago!

Cameras, cassette recorders, video recorders are all nice to carry on a expedition to record what we find. We do require all people to carry a walkie talkie and first-aid kit -OR stay with someone who does have them. (Wal-Mart carries a 3 mile walkie talkie by Uniden that works great for under $10.00)




People interested in this expedition should contact us  at .
There will be:
Anyone breaking these rules will be asked to leave.

For more information email