Alabama-Georgia Bigfoot Research Group

Meet The Team

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Alabama/Georgia Bigfoot Research Group


Anthony Yawn the founder of the AGBRG and the driving force behind the expeditions.


April Yawn co-founder of the AGBRG with
the computer skills to catalog findings and
operates the video camera.Also congratulations to April for graduating Souther Union Community Collage,earning her Accocates of Science Degree.


Misty Cofield researcher and daughter of
the founder also photograher for the outtings
and is now taking courses in Forensic Science.


Jim Windwalker - Tracker, Director: First Nation's Outreach Project; Defend The Wolves.


Mikie Manning helps out with all the research. His can do attitude is greatly be appriciated.


Kim is Mikies wife, A little jumpy, but willing to face her fears when it comes to the research.


David Yawn 16 year old researcher
who operates the bionic ear recording
device and the cameras. Also a great researcher in his own rights.


Ben Yawn his job is using the tree stand to keep an eye on the area and also helps keep the equipment in check.


John Hall researcher and was at one time the Vice President of the
Chattahoochee Bigfoot Organization


Amy Hall researcher and does most of our vocial
call with very good results.



Jan Windwalker - Associates Degree, Biological Parks and Aquaria.


Chris Watts is the newest member of the team. Chris grew up in Washington state but had little intrest in Bigfoot until now.