Alabama-Georgia Bigfoot Research Group

Photo Gallery 2

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Here are a few pictures taken on previous expeditions made by the research team.


thThis sapling was bent under a fallen tree, the orange tape markers in the background show where we found new Bigfoot foot prints


Notice how the broken tree is interwoven into the other trees. This was found on a creek bank in Talladega County Al.


Anthony in Devils Den, this cavern is said to have got it's name in the early 30's when a hunter saw two "beast" in the cavern.


When collecting hair samples for analyzing,make sure it is not cross comtaminated with human DNA.


April and Anthony at the entrance of one of the gold mines near Alabama Gold Camp.


 Hair samples were found embedded all over the cross-ties of this train trussel, where several people believe a Bigfoot was struck by a train. By the time the team made it to investigate any blood samples would have been washed away by the frequent rains we have been having.


 These two small bent trees were woven together to hold there position.


Inside one of the old abandoned gold mines looking for anything that would prove a bigfoot has used the mine as a shelter.


Broken tree limbs high up in the tree could have been done by a bigfoot.We marked all these with G.P.S. and put the coords. on a map of the area and found a definite trail.


Ben and Anthony at basecamp on one of our deep woods expeditions.