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04-02-05: A search was conducted of Area A along the shoreline of the lake for visible signs of Bigfoot activity.  After seeing several broken limbs on several different bushes and trees at a hight of 5 1/2 to 6 foot off the ground we came across several large footprints in the sandy soil of the shore.A cast was made of one of the prints. Afterwards heading back  to the van we went through the woods  and found several "bowed saplings" that could not have been done naturally and a "teepee marker" which stood over 7 feet tall.

04-09-05:  We searched Area A for a second time looking for more activity. We did find a "bowed sapling" that had not been bowed the first time we were there. We also found a "iron tree" with the top broken out about 6 foot off the ground. Also found on this search was large footprints in the water along the shoreline about a foot into the water.  

05-07-05: This is a overnight expidition of Area B which is less than 1/4 mile from Area A. On a large creek that feeds into the lake on Area A. At 3:30 pm.we set up basecamp and started looking for signs of Bigfoot activity.Although no signs were found in the area we looked,we did talk to two different people who had experinces while in the area. We quit searching the area for signs because of darkness.At 8:00pm. we walked the woods hoping to see something-we did hear something walking in a parrell line beside us ,but could not ever see it,we headed back to camp.At 10:00pm. we started tree banging hoping to get a response but nothing happened ,we turned in at 12:00am.At 1:35 am. we heard something large walking into camp and sitting down behind the tent, it set there so close we could hear it breath and let out light grunting sounds.Also there was a smell in the air that is best decribed as the smell of a wet dog that had rolled in sulfer. After 17 mins. it got up and walked away breaking sticks under foot as it left. 6:30am. we investigated the the area behind the tent and found a fallen log 20" in diamiter and 19"long had been moved in the night right beside the tent. Also a few tree limbs had been broken in the night  along the trail behind the tent that were not broken the day before. Also several large limbs about 1 1/2 " in diamiter that were on the ground had been stepped on and broken. We are not sure of what did this but we believe it to have been a bigfoot.

06-03-05  At approximately 1:30pm CST, we arrived at "Area A". The purpose of our trip was to check for new signs of activity(since our last trip). Deanna, from Washington State, and Jamie, from Florida, joined us on this expedition.
We found several small tree tops twisted and broken. Also, at 2:45pm, we heard two vocals, one was a locator and the other an answer, which sounded as if it was at least a mile away.

6-14-05 we arrived at area B at 10pm CST to record vocals. We were joined by a man interested in bf research and his wife. The first vocals were at 12:25am. They consisted of whoops, whistles and grunts, and were in an area in the vicinity of a cow pasture. After listening for a little while, it became obvious the bigfoot were aggitating the cows. We could hear the cows start up too.  We will be getting in touch with the owner of the cow pasture, seeking permission to investigate the pasture area for signs of activity in the near future.

06-18-05:We arrived at Area B at 1:30 pm. with researchers John and Amy Hall. After setting up camp, we searched the area for signs of BF activity and found bowed trees, a teepee marker, one "x formation" and several limb twist that were over 6 ft. off the ground. As John and Anthony were headed back to camp late in the evening, they both sighted a BF crossing the trail about 50 yards from the camp site. At dusk, rocks were thrown into the camp area several times and some vocals were heard. Later in the evening, calls were made to the BF and several from different locations answered the calls. Grunts, howls and foot stomps were heard through the night. At one point in the evening, we were surrounded by 3 BF who stayed just out of the camp area but were heard grunting and huffing. After John and Amy left,  the BF got more active for awhile; shaking trees and loud grunts for about an hour. After this, things got quiet and we turned in for the night . A hour after getting into the tent, we heard a BF walking through the campsite and as it passed the tent, the shadow could be seen on the wall of the tent. After that all was quite for the rest of the night.

July 16-17 A expedition was conducted to find bigfoot shelters and to check what food sorces were avalible to the bigfoot in the area. Two shelters were discovered, one in a kudzu patch having hollowed out an area under the kudzu to make a shelter that was large enough for 3 or 4 bigfoot. the floor of the shelter was covered in picked kuduz leaves with 2 larger piles of leaves in the middle of the shelter.We believe these to be beds. The other shelter was a dugout under a outcrop of rocks like a small cave the area inside was large enough to maybe hold 2 bigfoot the floor was covered with leaves, smooth and level. Also large amounts of food sources were found in the search area ranging from kudzu to fish.

August 26: this was a one night outting in Area B with researches John and Amy Hall and Scott Sorrell joining in.Using night vsion devices several Bigfoot were seen in different areas of the search site. Vocals were heard all through the night with Amy Hall calling and bigfoot responding and several times responces to John Halls wood banging. At 10:30 we moved to a new area where Amy made calls, bigfoot in several different areas responded to the calls Amy made. Screams were heard from across the lake and on the side we were on.

09/04/05 10:00pm We visited the farm that has suspected bigfoot activity. It was reported to us earlier in the night. Soon after arriving, we heard vocals and April checked the dog. The dog could only be described as having the smell classically associated with bigfoot. The dog had no injuries, so we assumed it had "wallowed" in a used bigfoot bed. From that point, we started walking the area. One bigfoot was seen with a night vision device, but we lost sight of it behind a barn. After hearing it walking with a bionic ear, we located it again under a pecan tree. We also heard calls from several other locations. The land owner also reported a large cave and a waterhole that we will be investigating during daylight hours. 9-05-05: We returned in the daylight hours to check the land for signs of Bigfoot activity and found a lot of bowed trees broken tree tops and also found Bigfoot hair caught in a barbed wire fence. While in the area we also heard a few daytime vocals from deeper in the woods.

9-24-2005: We researched two areas on Saturday, Area A and Area D. Starting with Area D we interviewed the land owner and toured the farmand a old abandoned barn on the farm. We found a barbed wire fence that had been streched and broken, it was determined by all there that deer or any other known animal could not do this kind of damage to the fence. after walking the fence line for about 50 yards we came upon 14 inch BF tracks with a stride of 54 inches and we were able to track these prints for a bout 20 yards,after which the trail went to high grass and we could tell where  a BF had been walking due to the layed grass. In Area A we checked for new signs of activity and also set out bait and left the area for a bout 4 hours. Upon returning we built a fire and went into the woods to check the baits ,unable to find any, after about 10 minutes in the woods we heard one of the best vocals any of us had heard and it was close to us. We returned to the fire and Amy did some calls and we were able to get replys from some of the calls. Soon after we heard footsteps in the woods but was unable to see anything with night vision or spotlights, and April was the first to smell the Bf in the area. We left the area soon after that and as John and Amy looked back as they drove away they saw a Bf come out where we had just been parked. Area D when we arrived back at Area D John set out some graham crackers and also some limes. We did hear a few vocals and some walking around in the woods but nothing like has been experanced there before. We walked to the house and talked with the owner of the land and he said that it had been quiet all night. However when heading back to the vehicles I got a glimps of red eyes in the field where several junk cars had been parked. Soon after 11:30pm we left and I have been back to check the bait John left out, the bait was gone.

January 19,2007: Today I went out to area A and lay down under a gillie drape, after about 30 minutes of being there I heard what sounded like someone heavy walking on a trail behind me. Thinking whatever was walking would have to come around in front of me I did not move to give myself away. As the footsteps got futher away I heard a car door shut in on the other side of the area and I could hear people talking loud and laughing. with in a minute of hearing the people I heard wood knocks from the direction in which the foot steps had gone. Still under the gillie drape I lay there for about 30 minutes more and heard a locator call from across the lake and then a loud wood knock from behind me and then the footsteps again sounding like what ever it was was going away from me in a fast walk soon I could not hear anything so I went and looked around where I thought I had heard him several disturbed areas indicated that something had been there only minutes before but no foot prints were found.

Febuary,03 2007. Team members John and Amy, Misty and Joey were present. We arrived in research area A just before dark and stayed for 5 hours. During the first few hours,before the moon came up we had a high level of activity with vocals and some movement around the camp. Even catching some eyeshine across the lake a few times. As soon as the moon came out all activity stopped.

Feb.18 2007, Researchers Misty Colfield and Anthony Yawn went to area A. to do some scouting around for any new signs of bigfoot activity.Although nothing was found ,while trying out a new "spotters scope" Misty saw a bigfoot, it was in the woods on the other side of the lake and just sitting there unable to move because other people on the lake would have noticed him. We watched the bigfoot for almost half and hour but because of the distance it was from us we were unable to get any pictures of him.

Sept.20,2007: On this outting April and Me went to area A and walked the shoreline of the lake only finding a few footprints several days old. We were able to walk all the way to area B due to the water level of the lake at this time. We also checked with the owner of area D where we have done alot of research in the past, also known as the goat farm. We were told that late at night the owner has heard several screams coming from 3 different directions. We will be back there in a few weeks for a overnight servallance of the area.

Sept. 29,2007: We went out to several of our research locations tonight trying several new methods of calling in the Bigfoot. First we used a homemade bull call made from a large coffee can with a string through the bottom when the string pulled a deep loud grunting sound is produced. This got several responces from the area bigfoot.Second, I played the gutiar for about 45 mins. We heard several low grunts and some movement in the woods close by,but was not able to get them to come any closer than usual. While on our way to our third area for the night we actually saw a Bigfoot as it crossed the road about fifty yards in front of us. As it went into the woods on the side of the road we saw it looking back at us,unable to stop at that moment we turned around and went back to see if he was still there. As we got out of the vehicles and headed to the spot where he went into the woods we heard a soft grunt and the sounds of the Bigfoot walking away from us deeper into the heavy woods. After that several distant locator vocals were heard from the team and then we heard whistles from close by.Deciding to mimic the whistles I was able to whistle back and forth with one Bigfoot for several minutes, then a second one started in and then a third in a sort of triangle area with the team in the middle. However this soon stopped and unable to get anymore responces from the Bigfoot in the area we headed out ending the nights research.

March 7, 2009: We went out for a few hours tonight to area A and to area B, while in area B we stopped on the side of the road and did a few call blast from the Jeep, this resulted in some unexpected activity only about 30 feet from us. We had movement in the bushes,thinking this was maybe a deer I mimicked a few grunts in the direction of the movement and then saw the outline of a figure in the darkness and was immediately awnsered with several grunts and bushes shaking.As I approched alittle closer we  heard a more agressive grunt and the sound of limbs breaking. We moved back to the Jeep and left the area not wanting to upset the bigfoot anymore than we already had.

Aug.29,2009  After nursing a bad back injury we have done several day trips in the woods on this outting we headed to Devils Den looking for any signs of Bigfoot activity .A few bowed trees and broken and twisted limbs were all we found but we got the uneasy feeling we were being watched several times. Some storys say that Devils Den got it's name after a hunter saw two Beast like creatures sitting in the cavern. We have also been told of two different sightings of bigfoot in that immediate area.

Sept.6-7 ,2009: We spent the weekend at Alabama Gold Camp in Cragford Al. checking out reports of Bigfoot locator calls,rock throwing and grunting sounds in the night around campsites. We  heard several locator calls around the Gold Camp and we also got to see a bigfoot through night vision after Ben blew a silent dog whistle on the first night,we also experienced rocks being thrown into the creek close to our campsite. No footprints were found in the immediant area but that could be due to the terrain. We also checked out an old abandoned gold mine and believe that bigfoot could use the mines as shelter from the weather and as a hiding place. Sunday night we had a full moon and no activity happened. We also got permission from other land-owners near the Alamaba Gold Camp to check out their land for any signs of bigfoot activity.

Nov. 22,2009: Several team members were on this outting to do some tree knocking to see if we could get any response. After the teams split up David call on the raido and reported movement inside a old gutted building near their site. A glow stick was thrown just inside the door of this building,after about 10 minutes the glowstick was moved by something in the building to a spot deeper inside.As the teams regrouped at the building several moving shadows in the wood line got our attention. Moving toward the shadows Anthony was hit by a rock in the leg and several of the team members saw something large and dark across the road into a heavy woodwd area.The next Day several members went back to the building to look for any footprints and to see if the glowstick was still there, no footprints were found but the glow stick has been moved from the ground at the front of the building and was hanging in a tree at the window in the back of the building...We are not sure what moved the glowstick but it is very intresting

March 20-21 2010:We held a outting at the Alabama Gold Camp near Lineville Al. with several mmers of the team and a few other researchers. After camp was set up we checked out several different locations with in the AGC and on some property ajoining the Gold Camp. One area we checked was the rail road tracks and we found several clumps of hair from the cross ties on the trussels. We were told that some of the people from the gold camp believed a bigfoot had been hit by a train several weeks before. Evidence lead us to believe that is a possibility. The terrian and resent rains in that area made it impossible to check below the trussel for any evidence. We also heard several locator calls and had large rocks thrown into the creek after everyone turned in for the night back at the camp. A follow up of this outting will follow as soon as the weather clears up and we can get below the trussel to check for any signs that a bigfoot had indeed been struck by a train.

July 9-10: After spending several days on the island and exploring the island thoughly,and setting out trail cameras we are calling this expedition a suscess. We found several broken trees on the island that we believe to be markers.We also were able to see several trails on the island going from one end of the island to the other. Late in the evening and into the night we heard several locator calls that were close to the island that we were able to record. On the last day we set out trail cameras and left them on the island for five days. 23 pictures were taken but no pictures of a bigfoot or any other animal were taken we think that a storm that passes through on the third evening is accounted for the pictures. Our belief is that this island has been used by bigfoot in the past and will be used in the future. It is in a out of the way area in their territory and it is a place where they can get away from human activity. We will be back and check the island again and put the trail cameras out several more times.

Sept.11: Ben and I set out in the kayaks to check the banks for any signs of bigfoot activity like footprints on the muddy banks or any other signs. After being on the water for about a hour we started hearing thunder in the distance. Right after hearing this we heard a locator call that was only about 400 yards from us in the woods on top of a hill, after about half a minute we heard the reply locator call, it sounded like it was about half amile away. The weather started getting bad with the threat of rain so we had to leave without checking out the location of the first call. We will head back and check the area again.

Dec.19,2010: Some members of the team got together to check one of our larger research areas.During this outting we found the bowed trees and broken and twisted limbs in a small area of the research location. We logged the G.P.S. coordanates for all and later went and put them on Google Earth marking the location of each type of marker a different color. After doing this we were able to determine that there is a pattern in the tree breaks. More work finding and logging the coords. will take time but we believe that this willgive us better understanding of the roaming patterns of the bigfoot in this area.

August 20-21st We did a overnight expedition in area B several guest were also with us. After we set up camp we checked the shoreline with the kayaks and waited for nightfall. After nightfall we went to the old jail building after being there for a while we experienced a few rocks being thrown with one of our guest being hit twice with small rocks. Several people in the group saw dark shapes in the bushes and heard growls. Although no bigfoot were sighted and no locator calls were heard, we had a good outting.